Stuart Chapman
Creative Director

Stuart has worked in marketing and branding for 20+ years. Prior to starting the company in 2013 he worked for some of London’s biggest agencies. His experience spans commercial & residential property, watch, jewellery and fashion brands.

He loves sport and is a dedicated golfer and martial artist.

Sharn Talbott
Project Manager

Sharn has worked in the creative industries for 6 years, managing projects from start to finish. Having worked in fast past environments, she understands the importance of organisation, attention to detail, delivering results and ensuring projects run smoothly.

In her spare time, Sharn enjoys travelling and cycling to the beach.

Zanna Sutcliffe

Before joining the team in 2019, Zanna spent five years in marketing for fashion, art and the performing arts. She enjoys the multidisciplinary environment at SCD and is well-versed across brand, print, digital and display graphics.

Zanna is a comedy lover who has been to Edinburgh Fringe three times.

Ellis Ashley

Ellis started his design career in Prague where he was exposed to a variety of multi-cultural, commercial and interactive projects. Ellis’s experience in Prague led him to develop a passion for typography and allowed him to fully immerse into European design which is the inspiration of his work today.

Ellis loves football, he plays every weekend and is a keen Tottenham fan.

Fynn Maloney

A multi award-winning designer, Fynn specialises in branding and visual identity design. His digital skills and creative flair are the core for his impactful designs. Fynn has a contemporary eye for brand development and thrives on producing unique designs.

He is an avid gig-goer who enjoys seeing his favourite bands perform across the UK.